ARE WE READY: gratitude

This album's birth is solely attributed to a close-to-impossible flow of circumstances that cannot be rationalized by logic. The biggest part of this extraordinary luck is being surrounded or conveniently encountering very special individuals that guided, inspired and collaborated with me.

arrangement, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboard:

Alexander Alabin

solo & bass guitars, percussions, co-arrangement:

Alex Gerasimovich

produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by

Alex Gerasimovich (Doubler II Studios)

album cover and web design:

Mari Diaz

photography: Misha Tis


Masha Shkolnik for lying that recording an album is easy

Laurie Lewis for the album title and pristine listening

Sat Hon for unlocking my creative stream

Tamara & Ed Tismenetsky for my guitar

Nuut Valero for holding me

My friends for listening to me

My family for supporting my insane plans

Misha Tis for all

Thank you to Anya Fidelia, Jennifer Hamady, Samantha Keen, Jesse Ruben, CD Baby, Landmark Education, Clairvision


Love Song

mastermind and editor: Zao Wang


Directed by Patrick Aubert & Damian Siqueiros

Cinematography: Simon Lamarre-Ledoux

Choreography: Bobby Thompson

Dancers: Bobby Thompson & Roxanne Dushesne-Roy

Editing: Liliana Ortiz

Master of human connections: Alexander Lembert

and many more

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ARE WE READY - introduction

director and editor: Zao Wang

make up: Leora Edut