make your life a work of art

We, humans, are multifaceted beings and I am no exception. My business personality strives at my management consulting job and comes up with entrepreneurial ideas. The creative one sings, writes and designs. The family persona loves cooking at home and is making plans for babies.

These three often pull me in opposite directions, but what unites them is the inextinguishable thirst for life. Together they give me an impulse to explore and experience life to the fullest. I call this living a work-of-art life.

This site is a beginning of my vision to engage people in an inquiry of how to live a work-of-art life. It is also a platform to share my explorations and creative endeavors:


ARE WE READY, an album of the songs I wrote

Misha Lyuve Jewelry

To live a work-of-art life one needs to engage different parts of self in the world of possibilities. And let the journey begin.